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Suitable for those new to meditation and those with an established practice. This is a warm hearted group of animal lovers and we  welcome new participants each week.  If you have not joined us previously please send a message via email to introduce yourself and then just click on the zoom link below at the time of the meditation to join. You are also welcome to join the meditation circle in person at the hospice. Please email a week in advance to arrange this.


Time: 8pm Wednesdays (Melbourne time) 

Duration: 30 minutes

Date: ongoing

No fee 


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 814 6861 4951

Passcode: 889753

For the benefit of enslaved non-human animals, we dedicate without any reticence whatsoever all the merit accrued throughout this practice to their liberation.

Anchor 1 Nicole

The weekly  meditation groups are  guided by Nicole  surrounded by various feathered and furry members of Rosie's Hospice family.

Nicole understands that being deeply  connected to animals can be  tough on one's heart at times. She has worked in a large animal shelter as a Behaviourist, fostered more than 100  homeless dogs before she stopped counting!, worked as an Animal Cruelty Investigator and has converted her  home to a Hospice providing palliative and rehab care for chickens.

Nicole is a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer (300 hours)  and believes that having a regular meditation practice is the most important factor in enabling  her to continue to meet the suffering of animals with resilience and compassion.

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