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The chickens are provided veterinary care as required. For some this  means regular visits and ongoing treatments, while others need a vet visit for diagnosis which usually involves, X-ray, swabs or blood tests. Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are such a big help to the hospice gang and we are so lucky to have these custom made by Belinda at Happier Pets.

Other treatments include red and blue light therapy and massage from Melissa at Pawsitive Animal Therapies who visits weekly, When Nicole can not be home the Hospice chickens are cared for by professional animal carer Belinda.

We are so lucky to have the most beautiful  vet Dr Rachel at Hobsons Bay Vet Clinic and use specialist vets when necessary.

A collection of videos showing the day to day activity of Rosie's Hospice. Follow us on instagram to stay up to date. 

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