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May they be happy, May they be well,
May they be free from suffering.

A  not for profit animal rescue located in Melbourne, Australia, providing rescue, rehabilitation and/or  palliative  care to injured and disabled chickens.  Meditation and mindfulness training and bereavement support  for animal carers.

About Rosie's Hospice of Compassion

RHOC  was founded in 2017 by Nicole Beasley and incorporated in 2023. The Hospice is named after a very special hen. You can see Rosie Hen's story in this video.  


  • To  provide rescue, rehabilitation and/or  palliative  care to injured and disabled chickens.  Our hospice  chickens receive the highest quality veterinary  care, boundless love and reasons to live. 

  • To provide a range of public events promoting chickens as cherished companion animals. From Meet The Chickens Picnics and  Hospice Beach Adventures to Chicken  Health Check and Vaccination Days and even a Laughter Club with Chickens.

  • To provide support for Animal Carers. RCOH runs  meditation groups, self compassion workshops and gentle discussions on death and dying  for animal carers. 

We have a small dedicated and highly experienced foster care team and occasionally have chickens available for adoption to the best homes. 



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