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Palliative Care Microsanctuary &
End of Life Doula Service for Animals

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About Rosie's Hospice of Compassion Inc. 

A not for profit vegan micro sanctuary  in Melbourne Australia. RHOC was founded in 2017 by Nicole Beasley when she converted her home into a hospice providing  end of life care mainly  for rescued chickens and other small animals (including quails, dogs, pigeons and guinea pigs) The hospice is named after a very special hen. 


  • To  provide rescue, rehabilitation and/or  palliative  care to injured and disabled small animals.  Our hospice  family receive the highest quality veterinary  care, boundless love and opportunity to live  life to the fullest. 

  • To provide support for all Animal Carers. The hospice provides a specialised  End of Life  Doula service for pets and their people via our online program.The hospice also holds weekly meditation groups for animal carers both in person and via zoom.

  • To provide a range of public events celebrating chickens and encouraging people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. From Meet The Chickens Picnics and  Hospice Crew  Beach Adventures to 1:1 time with the animals and  even a Laughter Club with Chickens. Our aim is to help people make the connection that animals are here with us not for us.

Thank you to our supporters 


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May they be happy, May they be well,
May they be free from suffering.
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