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Psychological aspects of grief

Nicole chats with Clinical Psychologist Registrar Natalya O'Keefe about how we can work towards experiencing less pain and more joy when we think of our beloved animal companions who have passed. Nat is someone who has loved deeply and suffered the grief of losing her best mate Hugo - a quirky little Maltese mix who was so full of love and joy and gave the best cuddles. We talk about our shared experience of grief and what has helped and hindered us on the path.

The videos in this series were recorded to offer support for those grieving the loss of  beloved animal companions. We have chosen to speak with people who are not only experts in this field but have also loved and grieved deeply. Join Nicole as she chats with  Clinical Psychologist Natalya O'Keefe, Retired Veterinarian Dr Kathryn Kovacic and Psychic Tarologist Tania Yorgey.We will keep adding to this series over the coming weeks. 

The physical body after death

A conversation with Dr Katherine Kovacik about what happens to the physical body after death occurs. It’s a topic that is not often discussed in relation to the death of our animal friends. We usually know what to do when humans die. There are rituals and processes that kick in but with animals accurate information seems to be less available.. I have been with my non human animal family when they passed and because Rosie’s Hospice is all about providing palliative care – death happens fairly regularly here. I have friends who have felt really panicked at the time that their non human companion has passed because they have been frightened about what happens to the physical body after death. Kath is the perfect person to discuss this topic in an informative and compassionate way. There are too many videos on youtube that talk about gruesome things happening to the body after death so we wanted to provide a more accurate account of what actually happens so there is no need to make rush decisions about what to do when animal friends pass. Katherine Kovacik is a former veterinarian, so she draws on her training in veterinary science and her lived experience with her patients. She moved away from practising as a vet to earn a PhD in art history focussing on the importance of the human – animal connection throughout the ages. So Kath is Double Dr! Dr Dr Kath. In the past few years Kath has become a renowned author with 7 published books in circulation including Murder Mysteries, True Crime and a book about dogs! Her passions is dogs and dog training and this is how Kath and I met. We met through the most stunning beautiful Borsoi named Leonardo.

Connecting with the spirit of our animal companions after their death

A discussion with Holistic and Psychic Tarologist Tania Yorgey. Tania has a deep connection to and immense love for animals. We talk about remaining connected to the spirit energy of our departed animal family and how this connection can become stronger with time and influence the way we live our daily lives. The best way to contact Tania is via her website


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